School House 1851 Dedicated in 1976

School House ­ This one room school house was built in 1851 at a reported cost of $55.00.  All eight grades were taught by one teacher.  Inside, a wood burning stove provided needed warmth while water was pumped from an outdoor well.  Initials and names from bygone days can be seen carved into the original dado walls. 
This building was acquired in May, 1971. The moving costs were $1,200.  In December of 1980, the school house was broken into, and the school bell was missing.

Koch House 1873 Dedicated in 1983

Built in 1873, the house is rather primitive in style despite the fact that the logs were not hand hewn but rather produced in a local sawmill.  A few years after its construction an addition was attached to the building, and the entire structure was covered with clapboard siding. In later years a wing was added to the back of the dwelling where a small bottling dairy was started which became known as the Koch Dairy. In July of 1978, the Koch House became available. Moving costs were $4,400, and the footings cost $3,800.  The house was moved to this site in January of 1980, with $4,500 in the budget for restoration.

Miller-Davidson House Dedicated in 1968

Built in 1858 in the Greek Revival style, the house is built of locally quarried limestone. Original to the site, its uniqueness begins with an unusual arched foundation. In 1935 it was selected by the Federal Government's Historic American Building Survey.  And in 1973 the National Register of Historic Places listed this lovely farm home among those to be preserved for future generations.  The Miller Davidson House was on the property  when purchased in April of 1965. Included was a residence, barn and garage, on 17.65 acres of land.

Milwaukee Road Depot Dedicated in 1980

(Museum Entrance) ­ Built in 1890, the same year that the railroad came to Menomonee Falls, the Depot brought with it new commercial and industrial prosperity.  The Depot handled four passenger and freight trains daily, shipping local products such as stone, lime, ice, milk, and sugar beets.  In February of 1973, the Depot was acquired, and plans were made to move it.  Menomonee Falls High School Industrial Arts classes made display cases.  Lewis Glasnap, the last station master, donated a telegraphers key and time table.   In January of 1980 the depot was moved in two sections.

Steichen House 1904 Dedicated in 2016

This home was owned from 1904 to 1915 by the parents of Edward Steichen, who is considered America's most celebrated photographer.
His sister, Lillian, met Carl Sandburg through the Socialist Party in Milwaukee and they conversed via love letters. Lillian invited Carl for a visit at her parent's home in Menomonee Falls, where they spent a week together and married on June 13, 1908.  Saved from demolition, the Steichn House  was moved toe Old Falls Village in December 2002.  The house was opened to the public in June 2016.

Barn 1850's

Built soon after 1850, the barn is one of the two original buildings remaining on the farm site.  Time-honored pioneer craftsmanship can be seen in the framework of the building.  The construction timbers were hewed and fitted by old-world hand-tools.  Inside, the barn is home to an exhibit of small farm, industrial and household implements.  The Barn was oficially opened to the public in 1971.

Sparrow Cabin 1849

Built around 1849, formerly located on silver Spring Drive where the cabin was hidden under clapboard siding.. It is made of heavy Tamarack logs and weighs approximately 15 tons. A full fieldstone basement was built from rock cleared from the field, the majority of which was granite. It is built in German style with half dovetailed corners.  The Sparrow Cabin was moved to Old Falls Village in December 2003.

Umhoefer House 1856 Dedicated in 1982

This log cabin was built by  Gregory and Anna Marie Umhoefer.  They raised eight children in this tiny home.  A hand print in the stairwell plaster is that of Anna's brother returning from the Civil War.  As the story goes, he didn't know the plaster was fresh.  In 1967, the Umhoefer log house was moved to Old Falls Village.  In July of 1970, the house was dedicated, with Dr. William Domann as Master of Ceremonies and remarks by Dr. James D. Anthony, Menomonee Falls Village President.  Historical Society members, Elton Magee and Marion Brew, donated many furnishings.

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