Photo Policies

Old Falls Village has such beautiful grounds and many people have found it to be a picturesque spot for photography including protraits, wedding and landscape imagery.  The Historical Society is in process of asking all photographers who come to Old Falls Village to obtain a Photography Pass Membership that will allow you to come to the grounds and phototgraph as much as you would like for a year.


Once you sigh up for the Photography Pass, keep the card with you during your visit.  There will be a fee for the "Photography Pass" of $75 (which is tax deductible).  Photography Pass Membership.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Menomonee Falls Historical Society and Old Falls Village has a “Zero Tolerance Policy”  that applies to all Board members, Society members, volunteers, and anyone who serves our society in any way.  We will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior as we relate to one another in our organization and to the public.  This means no abuse of alcohol or other drugs, inappropriate verbal speech that offends, no use of inappropriate language, or physical interaction that can be deemed as offensive (inappropriate touching) as we relate to one another.  Any negative activity will be reported to the proper authorities for action.


Passed:   May 27, 2015


Signed by:   President   Warren A. Granke

                    Secretary   Christine Schultz

Contact Us

For information call: (262) 250-3901.  Address: N96 W15791 County Line Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-1537.When calling our phone number, please leave a detailed message on our voicemail, as well as a phone number where we can contact you.  You may write to us at,  Menomonee Falls Historical Society P.O. Box 91 Menomonee Falls WI 53052, or send us an E-Mail

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