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The Koch House

Built: 1873 
Dedicated: 1983

Come travel back in time to 1873 and visit the charming Koch House - a true Menomonee Falls treasure! Though it may have a primitive style, this historic home's logs were produced in a local sawmill, making it a unique and valuable piece of local history.


After a few years, an addition was added to the building and clapboard siding was installed, giving it a charming touch. Later on, a wing was built in the back of the house for a small bottling dairy - Koch Dairy!


In 1978, the Menomonee Falls Historical Society was given the opportunity to acquire the Koch House and didn't hesitate to preserve this piece of history. The society moved the entire house to a new location in January of 1980, at the cost of $4,400, and $3,800 for new footings. To restore the home to its former glory, they allocated $4,500 - a small price to pay for a wonderful glimpse into Menomonee Falls' past.

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