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Umhoefer Log Cabin

Built: 1856

Dedicated: 1982

As you step inside the Umhoefer log cabin, you’ll be transported to the Civil War era. This rustic abode was built by Gregory and Anna Marie Umhoefer, who raised eight children in its cozy interior. The cabin is full of fascinating details, including a handprint in the stairwell plaster by Anna's brother who had just returned from the Civil War. Unbeknownst to him, the plaster was wet when he put his hand on it!

Thanks to the efforts of the Menomonee Falls Historical Society, this historic cabin was saved and moved to its current location in Old Falls Village in 1967. The dedication ceremony in July of 1970 was a momentous occasion, featuring remarks by Menomonee Falls Village President, Dr. James D. Anthony, and many furnishings donated by Society members Elton Magee and Marion Brew.


Come experience the history and charm of the Umhoefer log cabin for yourself!

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