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Plan Your Visit

Welcome to Menomonee Falls! Looking for a cozy place to stay? Look no further, as we have two amazing hotels that cater to your every need. 

By staying locally, you'll have easy access to exciting events at Old Falls Village, indulge in the mouth-watering cuisines at our local restaurants, and explore the charming shops in Menomonee Falls Downtown. 


Trust us, you won't want to leave! Book your stay and experience the best that Menomonee Falls has to offer!

Ride the Bugline

The Bugline is a paved recreational trail located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. It was originally a railroad line used for transporting limestone from the quarry to a processing plant, but it was later converted into a trail for biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The trail is approximately 16 miles long and passes through scenic areas, including parks, forests, and wetlands.


We have created two biking routes that may interest you if you are a passionate cyclist. Both of these routes begin and end at Old Falls Village.

Ride #1

Start your bike ride at Old Falls Village park. Take a brief ride through a peaceful subdivision before transitioning to the Bugline paved trail. Follow the trail all the way out and back to Merton, with a loop in Menomonee Park to refill your water bottles. Finally, head back to Old Falls Village park to finish the ride, where you can enjoy a cold beer every Saturday during the summer after 3 pm. The total distance of the ride is 29.94 miles with an elevation gain of 829 feet.


Ride #2

To start this biking route, head to Old Falls Village Park. From there, take a brief ride through a peaceful subdivision before transitioning to the Bugline trail. Follow the trail out to Menomonee Park where you can stop to refill your water bottle before heading back on the paved trail to Old Falls Village. If you complete the ride on a Saturday during the summer after 3 pm, you can enjoy a refreshing beer upon your return. The total distance of this route is 13.16 miles with an elevation gain of 455 feet.


Explore additional bike routes in the Menomonee Falls area

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