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The Bell Tower

Built: 1851

Dedicated: 2018

Step into the past and journey back to the late 19th century, where Sunnyside School proudly stood at the bustling intersection of Main St. and Menomonee Ave. in Menomonee Falls. With its distinctive one-room design, Sunnyside was a hub of learning, shaping the minds of countless students for over 80 years.

As the years passed, Sunnyside continued to evolve, expanding to include two new classrooms in the summer of 1952. However, despite these changes, the spirit of the school remained the same, fostering a love of learning and community that lasted well beyond its closure in 1961.

But even as Sunnyside School ceased to function as an educational institution, its legacy lived on. The building was repurposed as a storage facility for the School District, a testament to its continued importance to the community.

Yet, even as the building was eventually slated for demolition in 2014, one integral piece of Sunnyside School's history was saved from the wrecking ball: the original Bell tower. Thanks to the tireless efforts of historical society member Bob Cowan, the Bell tower was brought to Old Falls Village, where it became the model for a stunning replica that stands to this day.

So why not take a journey back in time and visit the Sunnyside School Bell Tower at Old Falls Village? It's a chance to explore the rich history of education in Menomonee Falls and connect with a bygone era of community and learning.

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