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The Milwaukee Railroad Depot

Dedicated: 1980

All aboard! We’re traveling back to 1890, the year when the railroad first arrived in Menomonee Falls! With the arrival of the Depot, the town experienced a new wave of prosperity in both commercial and industrial sectors. The Depot played a vital role in the daily transportation of local products, such as stone, lime, ice, milk, and sugar beets, via four passenger and freight trains.


Fast forward to February of 1973 when the Historical Society acquired the Depot and began planning its move. Thanks to the Menomonee Falls High School Industrial Arts classes, display cases were created to showcase historical artifacts. Lewis Glasnap, the last station master, generously donated a telegrapher's key and time table. 

Finally, in January of 1980, the Depot was moved to its current location, but it wasn't an easy feat. The Depot had to be moved in two sections, but it was worth it to preserve this important piece of Menomonee Falls history. The Depot now serves as the Museum’s unique entrance!

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