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Walker-Sparrow Cabin

Built: 1849

Dedicated: 2003

The Walker-Sparrow Cabin, built in 1849, was once hidden under clapboard siding on Silver Spring Drive. This historic gem is a true testament to pioneer craftsmanship, with its heavy Tamarack logs weighing in at a whopping 15 tons!

The basement is made of full fieldstone, with the majority of the rocks being cleared from the fields and made of solid granite. The cabin's half dovetailed corners are a nod to the German-style of construction, adding a touch of old-world charm to its rustic exterior.

In December of 2003, the Walker-Sparrow Cabin found its way to Old Falls Village, where it stands today as a testament to the early settlers of Menomonee Falls. Don't miss your chance to step back in time and explore this remarkable piece of history!

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